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2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report


Board of Directors

Joseph A. Wall


Ronnie D. Rollins


Paul A. Cable

T. Randolph Coody

Kathyrn H. Dennis

Herbert M. Ponder Jr.

Dear Friends,

Several years ago, Community Health Services of Georgia (“CHSGa”), dedicated itself to the mission of providing Georgia direct access to health services. With the commitment of our associates, we charted a course to cultivate a sustainable health system that was person-centered, where individuals can actively engage in their personal medical treatment plan with health care professionals. Further, CHSGa worked to connect with customers and assist them as they navigated the complex world of health care.

Today, CHSGa continues the mission. Through the lens of our pillars: People, Partnerships and Technology, we clearly see the destination and focus daily to assist Georgians on their healthcare journey. Numerous healthcare providers partner daily to provide the support people need to traverse the healthcare landscape on their journey home. During the journey and after returning home, providers use advanced technology combined with high-touch, person-centered service to assist people in their goal to maintain their independence, at home. As you read this year’s annual report, please keep in mind the mission of CHSGa and the course we are charting. Please consider the implications of our mission and the people we serve daily. In closing, I want to thank you for your past support and ask for your continued support as we continue the journey - destination – home.
Ronnie D. Rollins President

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